• Ability to run SBC is software only mode.
  • Ability to run inside a Virtual Machine.

Lower Price

  • Customers that have existing VM infrastructure do not have to go through the expense of yet another box.
  • Another box requires power,space, cables and offers another point of failure.


  • VM infrastructure provides unmatched flexibility, redundancy and durability.
  • VMWare ESX infrastructure can run a single VM on multiple HW platforms allowing carrier grade Flexibility hardware redundancy.
  • VM instance can be moved, copied and backed up.
  • VM offers upgrades with minimal down time by allowing IT to build and test new VM before shutting down the one in production.


  • SBC running in VM as a software only solution will have limited capacity.
  • Limited capacity is primarily due to RTP media flowing the the VM.
  • Software Trascoding will further reduce the capacity.
  • Licensing is based on USB Key.

VM Hybrid

  • Ability to run SBC is software mode.
  • Ability to run inside a Virtual Machine.
  • Offloading Media RTP onto a D150 External Network Device
  • Best of both worlds: VM + Dedicated Cost effective external network device.

VM Model is preserved

  • The D150 External Network Device maintains the VM architecture.
  • The D150 is External and communicates via Ethernet.
  • One does not have to open the VM server and install any non-standard hardware.
  • SBC licensing is based on the D150 hardware device, this allows VM to be moved from one hardware platform to another.


Ability to scale while running in VM mode.

  • RTP and Media processing is offloaded onto a D150 External Network Device
  • Full Transcoding any to any supported.
  • Ability to add more D150 External Network Devices in order to scale higher.
  • Sangoma Exclusive
  • No other vendor supports such solution


  • Even though RTP is offloaded on the D150 Network Device, the VM will be limited in processing large number of calls per second. Due to variable performance metrics of VM, all installations must be stress tested before going into production

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