Signaling Interface Overview

A signaling interface deals with any type of SIP signaling which goes in and out of the SBC.
The signaling interfaces on the SBC are the physical ethernet adapters.

There is a “special” adapter called the sngdsp0 interface.

  • The sngdsp0 interface allows the SBC to access its media interfaces.

Signaling Interface Configuration

You must start by configuring all the signaling interfaces you are planning use.
You can click “Edit” for each network interface you want to configure.

SBC Signaling Interface Configuration

From the network configuration interface you can also set the hostname, default gateway and the DNS servers.
If you use DHCP for any of the interfaces you won’t be able to specify a default gateway or DNS servers.

In the above example, interfaces named “sngdsp0” and “sngdsp1” are Sangoma Ethernet interfaces that give access to Sangoma’s media interfaces (DSPs). Unless you are configuring a server for “software transcoding” mode or you have D150 media interfaces, then you need to configure those network interfaces and you must assign an IP to them.

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