A media profile is a list of attributes which define what audio codecs are used on a per call basis.
It also describes how DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) will be handled within the SIP profile

Media profiles are bound to one or more SIP Profiles

  • Depending on use case:
    • User can create one Media profile per SIP profile
    • User can create one Media profile for many SIP Profiles.
  • SIP profile uses the Media profile information to negotiate SDP information
    • Codecs & P-times
    • Local RTP ports

Sangoma SBC Media Configuration

Audio Codec

An audio codec is a program implemented as an algorithm that compresses and decompresses digital audio data.

  • 5 codecs can be configured per media profile.
  • 10 different codecs to choose from with multiple variations of each codec.

Codecs available:

  • G.711 PCMU
  • G.711 PCMA
  • G.729
  • AMR
  • iLBC
  • GSM
  • G.722
  • G.722.1
  • G.723
  • G.726

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