NetBorder Carrier SBC

Sangoma Carrier SBC 1U

  • Front Panel Reset/Power button is used for:
    • Factory Reset
      • Press 1 time per second until system beeps and reboots (approx.: 10sec).
      • A beep will sound to indicate that system has completed factory reset
        before system reboots.
    • Soft Reboot
      • Press 1 time every 3 seconds until system reboots. (approx.: 6sec)
      • There will be no beep on reboot.
    • Power on/off
      • Hold for 10 seconds
    • Nothing will happen if pressed once
      • To avoid accidental restart.
      • Caution: From SBC SW release 5.0
    • Refer to Factory Reset section.
  • USB Ports can be used for Serial Console
    • Refer to Serial Console section.
    • The RAID1 is NOT Hot Plug
    • SBC appliances use industrial grade SSD
    • One must power down the machine in order to change SSD/HDD
    • Contact Sangoma Support for part replacement.

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