SBC factory settings are not very useful, as the Primary Ethernet port:eth0 is set to a static IP address.
Proceed to connect to the SBC Appliance via Laptop’s web browser.

  • Connect the Primary Signaling Port: eth0 to a LAN Switch
  • Connect Laptop to LAN Switch
  • Configure Laptop to IP address:
  • Using Laptop web browser go to URL:
  • Login via
    • Username: root, Password: sangoma

SBC WebGUI Login Screen

Default Credentials

  • Username: root
  • Password: sangoma

SBC WebGUI Initial Status

On the very first login, the WebGUI will provide you an overview of Sangoma SBC configuration status.

Sangoma SBC Initial WebGUI Screen

The top of the WebGUI screen contains Information dialogs that are used to provide important messages to the user.
At a quick glance we can see that the SBC is

  • Not started
  • And that Configuration is not complete

Below the Information Dialogs, the Configuration Checklist indicates what are the minimum configuration steps necessary to get the SBC running.

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